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Customer Management Software built with Python Django

For quite few weeks, I have been working on a customer management software for small scale fitness industry. Basically, I noticed my gym owner, who runs a small gym in Chennai was managing his customer data in a note book. He was have tough time to track members whose membership have expired. Hence I decided to build a simple CMS for his business.

The application can also be used for different sectors like yoga centers, aerobics centers,etc.

The app features the following:

  1. Dashboad – Shows a quick overview of your member/gym stats and earnings. It even shows the expired member details of last 30 days.
  2. Member Registration – Page to easily register a new member
  3. Member/Staff Search – Page to quicky search details of your member/staff
  4. Plan renew/upgrade – Page to renew or upgrade membership
  5. Reports – Download stats in excel format. Stats can include member details and earning details.
  6. Edit – Page to edit/delete member details
  7. Register Business – Page to enter/edit your business details
  8. Subscription Plan – Page to add/edit/delete subscription plans
  9. My Staff – Page to add/edit/delete your staff details.
  10. Login/Logout page

Screenshots of the application:

login page
Login page
Client registration page
Client registration page
Subscription plans
Subscription plans
Member registration page
Member registration page
Member Search
Member Search
Plan renew upgrade
Plan Renew/upgrade
Reports (downloads in excel format)

Code is available in my GitHub Page. If you think, I have missed any feature or  if you have any suggestion, please feel free to add it in the comments below.

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