echoPi: Building your own Alexa Echo using Raspberry Pi

echoPi idea came few months back when I started seeing Amazon Alexa ads on TV. To be honest, I felt like buying it but then I saw the price 🙂

I do listen to music every day in the morning on my TV. I though it would be cool if I could voice control the songs to play. So I decided to build one myself.

So here is how it all came into picture:

1. I had build a smart assistant application using WolframAlpha few months back, so I thought I can improvise the same. Using WolframAlpha API I can get the answers to my questions but I could not play songs. So to get songs, the place would be youtube.

2. I wrote the code to search the song in youtube, fetch the first search result, download it and play it. Library used for this is pytube.

3. Next my RaspberryPi needs to listen to my voice and respond accordingly. For this, I used Pyttsx library and Google’s Speech Recognition module. And wola, my very own personal assistant is ready.

Code available on my github page along with instructions on how to use.

See echoPi in action in below video:


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