Smart Mirror built using Python Django

Wonder what is a smart mirror? How is smart mirror different from normal mirror? A smart mirror shows you more than your reflection. We can customize it as per our need.

There are multiple version of smart mirrors build throughtout the world in different programming languages. Here is smart mirror video which is built by Evan Cohen.

In my project, I have designed the smart mirror to display the following information:

  1. Real time weather details (current temperature, icon, humidity and climate status).
  2. Future weather prediction (next 4 days)
  3. Real time date and time display
  4. Daily prediction (using 3rd party astrology website)
  5. Top 5 Google India News
  6. Google Calendar Events display
  7. .. and finally a greeting to myself 🙂

And this is the final result:

Smart mirror

Smart mirror project is special to me as this was my first full fledged Django project and my first project built in Raspberry Pi. The project was motivated by Michael Teeuw and his smart mirror project.

Here I have made use of multiple APIs. For example, fetching weather details from, calendar events details from Google Calendar API, astrology prediction from ganeshaspeaks, etc.

Apart from the code, we will need a two sided mirror and a monitor which is connected to the raspberrypi which runs this code.

Note: The project is built and tested in Python3.4 and some of the values are hard-coded in my project.

Smart Mirror code can be view at my GitHub page: CLICK HERE.

Here is a quick tutorial on how to get this done.

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